What is Money Coaching?

Money coaching is a structured and supportive co-creative relationship with the objective of transforming your relationship with money. It combines practical financial guidance with sound psychological principals. Its purpose is to help you discover unconscious beliefs and negative patterns that often lead to stress, anxiety, fear, and financial sabotage. This process ultimately helps you create a relationship with money that is more prosperous and purposeful.

How Money Coaching Works

The initial “core process” consists of four one-hour sessions designed to help you discover your underlying patterns and behaviors with money. We will look at what they are, where they came from, and how you may be unconsciously continuing to use these outdated beliefs. With the information we gather from these four sessions we will develop your Money Coaching Action Plan. Together we will design systematic steps for you to begin to make changes in your money consciousness and the physical application in daily life.

Money Coaching will help you:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your recurring money patterns
  • Learn practical tools to develop awareness of your money flow
  • Identify your money “type”, how it was formed, and how it affects your decision making and relationships
  • Reduce stress and anxiety in regards to money
  • Create a detailed action plan for getting out of debt
  • Discover what is blocking money from flowing into your life
Money coaching is not financial planning. Financial planning is done by a Certified Financial Planner and includes investment, insurance, retirement, and tax planning.
Money coaching is not credit counseling or debt counseling. This process is mainly focused on helping you get out of debt and avoiding bankruptcy.
A money coach is not the same as a financial or investment adviser, who gives investment advice and manages your investment portfolio.
And last, money coaching is not pychotherapy or addictions counseling. Many people have therapists as well to address a wider array of emotional issues.
Money coaching can help you work more effectively with other professionals such as these. It will help you think more clearly and be more organized in regards to your finances, which will allow you to be more productive with your other key professionals.

I’m here to help

Give money coaching a try to see how it can benefit you.