As widows we know money can’t buy us the most important things in life.  However, it can buy us some time to grieve and prepare our next steps.  These next steps can feel overwhelming — as an unexpected widow, or even as a widow who has had time to prepare for her partner’s passing.
When my partner died suddenly I went into shock.  I was confused, I had trouble focusing and  I quickly became disorganized.  While my friends and family were understanding of my lack of memory, my creditors were not.  The bills needed to be paid, and many other life chores still needed doing, and on time.  Small tasks suddenly seemed monumental.  It became imperative that I create systems to track my responsibilities.
Looking back, I now know that one of the most crucial forms of support I could have had was a Money Coach.
So many things change when we lose our life partner.  Income and expenses may certainly shift, but more importantly — and most often — our values can change.  What I chose to put my time and energy into before was very different after my partner’s death.  Things that were previously important now seemed much less significant.   My reasons for earning money became focused on creating safe and comforting spaces for my children, and making memories with them.
Saving for our future had always been important; but living in the present took on a new meaning.
Wherever you are starting from, I can help you;
  • Gain a clear understanding of your overall financial picture
  • Assess your current income and Expenses
  • Identify and Prioritize your Financial Goals
  • Identify a way to honor your loved one’s values
  • Teach money management skills to your children
  • Become the new person you want to fully realize
  • Locate other key professionals


I’m here to help

Give money coaching a try to see how it can benefit you.


This is perhaps the most difficult time in your life. You do not need to go through it alone. Working with a money coach can help ease you through this critical transition, toward greater financial confidence. And, as you go, you may just find that many other things fall into place along the way.