My Story

(the abridged version)

I arrived in adulthood having as much training in money management as most of us, not much more than how to write a check.  I switched banks in my early twenties because “they” had bounced too many of my checks. I received a small inheritance and squandered it much too quickly.  I ran up credit cards with no idea how to pay them off.  In my thirties I began to learn about passive income and time leverage from my partner.  For the first time, I began to plan and set goals and I joined her in some of her business ventures.

Ten years later she died very unexpectedly and I was left grief-stricken, single parent of three children, sole operative of a large home health spa, and without any of the rights and legal protections of heterosexual couples.  I had to very quickly learn how to balance the chemicals in the pool as well as the business checkbooks.

I faced bankruptcy both personally and financially.  I learned more about money matters during those first two years after the loss of my partner than ever before.  I learned how to dig deep, how to research all potential outcomes, how to view a situation as an opportunity.  I ultimately converted the home health spa into a condominium complex with three separate units.  This three year long process transformed me into a true entrepreneur, a real estate developer and investor.

Of all the accomplishments that came as a result of this undertaking, writing by-laws, creating budgets, navigating planning and zoning, the most important to me was being able to keep my family together and providing them a safe and secure home base.

I believe we each need to find what money means for us. For me it means safety, security, and peace of mind for myself and for those I cherish.

Annie Condon is certified through the International Coach Federation as an Executive and Small Business Coach, ACC. She received her training through MentorCoach, LLC. She is also a Certified Money Coach, having received her training through Money Coaching Institute. Annie graduated from both of these programs in the Spring of 2015.

She holds two Counseling licenses in the state of Vermont: Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Annie owns and runs a very successful private Counseling practice, currently entering her 17th year of services. Additionally, she owns and manages a small real estate investment company.

What people are saying

Before working on finances with Annie I buried my head in the sand and was too scared to even look at what was going on in my life financially. I mean I literally wouldn’t look it made me sick to my stomach to think about. I had been told by everyone else (family, books,Internet and classes) how to fix my financial mess based on what worked for others for years. I had the best intentions and even felt like I was making a little progress and then bam the method failed time and time again.

I was at a real low point in my life financially when I met Annie. She guided me through real life, simple solutions to my money problems and created methods that actually work for me. I no longer have that crippling fear of debt, I am organized now and know what bills are coming out and when. I have started a savings account, I own my own business and plan to expand. I am even getting prepared to buy a house.

None of this would have been possible without Annie’s help. She never once looked down on me for my financial mess she never made me feel embarrassed or ashamed. She gave me hope and a concrete plan that even my scattered, unorganized brain could follow. I am forever grateful that Annie has given me the money lessons so I can change the cycle and teach my son how to handle money. I hope you get the chance to change many more lives.


“I learned so much from working with Annie!  Right from the first session, the Money Bio, she began helping me make connections between my life’s experiences and the behavior patterns in which I’d become stuck.  She gently helped me become conscious of unhealthy habits I had fallen into with money.  For the first time in my life, I was able to talk about money issues… and I never felt judged!  With Annie’s support, I finally feel like I have a choice, I have a plan, and I have the tools to get where I want to go!” Kelly, Family Business Owner, California