…as well as your bank account balance!

I’ll personally coach you there and you’ll learn to increase both.

She guided me through real life, simple solutions to my money problems and created methods that actually work for me.


she helped me write a vision & mission statement & business plan. Thanks for your support and guidance, Annie!

Diana Vachon, Licensed Acupuncturist

she has perfected the art of listening and responding to individual needs

Kelly Berkeley, C.A.

Annie possesses a unique ability to weave very rational solutions into the fabric of confusion

Dennie Work

Too many of us believe our worth is measured by what is in our bank account or by how many pretty things we have. We have learned to value items over people, relationships, and sometimes even ourselves.
All too often we are not taught how to manage our money. In fact, most of us have been conditioned to avoid discussing money-related matters altogether.
How are we to challenge these beliefs and learn critical money management techniques, if we are discouraged from bringing them into the light?
I can help you with both!


Over the course of my 20+ year career as a clinical mental health counselor, I witnessed the profound shame and fear that folks experienced about money related matters. In the course of my clinical work, money related issues inevitably surfaced as major sources of stress, humiliation, and conflict concerning overspending, underearning, “affluenza”, inadequate savings, investing, or monthly budgeting.
There need be no shame in mastering your financial existence. I can offer you a non-judgemental space to discuss your money, help you create a plan and achievable goals, and help you align your values with your spending and saving plans.

What is Money Coaching?

Money Coaching is a supportive relationship that helps you transform your relationship with money. It combines practical financial guidance with sound coaching principals.

This process will help you gain understanding of your overall financial picture and help you identify patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back from your full financial potential.

Money coaching ultimately helps you create a relationship with money that is more mindful and purposeful.


Keep more of what you make

Set and reach financial goals

Get out of debt

Organize and understand your financial picture

Identify emotional triggers that cause you to overspend

Release the shame you have around your finances


Do you wonder where all your money goes?


Do you feel anxious about credit card debt or other financial issues?


Do you believe you could never speak about these things to anyone?

Hi, I’m Annie Condon.

I’m here to help you through the money coaching process.

Annie Condon is certified through the International Coach Federation as an Executive and Small Business Coach, ACC. She received her training through MentorCoach, LLC. She is also a Certified Money Coach, having received her training through Money Coaching Institute. Annie graduated from both of these programs in the Spring of 2015.

She holds two Counseling licenses in the state of Vermont: Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Annie owns and runs a very successful private Counseling practice, currently entering her 17th year of services. Additionally, she owns and manages a small real estate investment company.